Date with Mindfulness

Time: 5 to 15 minutes

A cup of your favorite drink

Time: 5 to 15 minutes

Grab a cup of your favorite drink. If it’s plain water add your favorite taste, it is important for this activity. Sit down on your favorite place and start a journal. You will need to read all these instructions first because I will ask for you to close your eyes. If you’d like to play some soothing music, do so.

Grab your cup, feel its texture. Smell your drink, close to dunking your nose to the cup. Now close your eyes and inhale deeply, what images come to your mind with this smell. What sensations arise? Do they elicit any emotion for you? Have a sip. Let it rest in your mouth. Notice its temperature, its texture. What flavors stand out? What sensations arise? Is there any emotion present? If any thought comes up just tell them thank you and let them go. Now is not their time, now it’s your time.

Repeat these instructions until you go through your whole drink. Before you open your eyes, notice if there are any sounds around you. If you put on some music, did you notice it while you were having your drink? No?

Welcome to the art of being mindful! Enjoy!

Mindfulness is a natural stress killer, practice it as often as you can. Of course it might imply one process at a time, but that will make you even more efficient and will aid you enjoy your life more!


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