My mission is to help Christian women to heal from emotional stress, by owning their power and living their purpose.

It’s time for you to heal and start living your purpose

Some years ago, I left a toxic job and a toxic marriage.

I wanted to understand how and why I had allowed so much self-hurt into my life.  I realized how much I had done to please others, or to belong… because “I needed to mature”  to do it “In the meantime” and hang my dreams from a tree.

I hated my life! I cried often, had picked tons of toxic behaviors along the way and lived in constant burn-out. I slept heavily and rarely felt rested;  I constantly wondered what my purpose was and couldn’t stand being alone with my feelings of rejection , so everything I did or accomplished fell short from what I deserved, of what I had been promised AND from what I desired. I constantly wished to be the woman I am now and have all I have today

One day, I decided to step up and I got a divorce, Shortly after doing so, I got a chance to leave my toxic job… And a vaccum was open!

I started filling my life with my “impossible” and “immatire’ dreams after 40…

Soon, I met the man of my dreams and love of my life who I married shortly after.

A bit after meeing my husband;  I sat down and wrote down my dreams as inspiring goals for each area of my life by filling them with purpose

My life started moving forward, faster and what I discovered was precious, so I’ve made it my mission to share it so to help the world heal from emotional stress and build sustainable success built on deep spirituality, healing relationships, and inspiring purpose,

It was in the vaccum, in the middle of the crisis where I had, (and I’d bet you do too ) one of the most precious gifts in life,  and that gift is TIME!

And it is right at this time you can heal yourself from within and build a life you adore living!

I can help you do so!

Sooo instead of years, you can jump-start your healing journey in days and harvest the magic ripple of profound sustainable healing, success ans wellness in months!

While working with me you will find and learn the tools and techniques that have helped me and my clients heal from emotional stress, own your gifts and be driven by Purpose, supported by healing relationships and grounded by God.

The profits are immesurable and include:

1. A Spiritual practice – an unextinguishable resource of support and peace,

2. Honest, loving and supporting relationships – starting with that with yourself.

3. Goals that turn into guiding lights, and are driven by purpoae,

4. Sustainable healing to be rid of (most) toxic behaviors, and relationhips.

5. Stackable habits  that help you build sustainable success,

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