Meet Amelia,

Amelia was a 50 year old solopreneur whose husband was retired and her children were turning into adults. She is a very protective woman was having issues with stress due to her need of controlling her family as if they were children.

I guided Amelia in her realizing that her children were adults and were not under her wing, any more; to respect her husband’s sleep patterns, occasional drinking (not heavily at all) and by guiding her through some grounding exercises. I helped her own her new found independence and to enjoy her new “newly-wed”  state – due to empty nest with her husband. They started traveling, their relationships improved and she felt much more validated, listened to and significant.

Here is what she had to say: I had been suffering from stress-related IBS, it disappeared on my third session with Angie *. By the end of our year working together, my grey hair started turning black again!” Amelia, age 50

*Weekly sessions.


Meet Pamela and Lauren*

They came to explore new ways to communicate with one of the biggest pitches they had ever had. They wanted to understand their potential client better and to get a high-pitch sale.

I guided them in understanding who their creative efforts were aimed at. I helped them analyze and understand their client’s end client needs, habits and tastes. Their proposal was very creative so I helped them make it more powerful through clarity. As we were working, I noticed they were feeling insecure about this pitch and dug a bit. I discovered they were having self-empowerment and some self-esteem issues . I worked with them for about 10 minutes on posture, voice, incantations and music.

Here is what they said:

We came to improve our communication with a Business Client to get their contract. We not only improved our communication, we also left empowered and with the clarity to understand the habits, needs and desires of the clients of our client. She’s the best coach ever!  Pamela and Lauren *


Meet Ale,

Ale was a Jr employee at a Government office, when she came to my practice she was giving too much in her relationship and it stated turning abusive. Their situation was not easy, as a family, for they were living partly at her parent’s house and partly at his. Stress caught up to them and the relationship started turning violent, to the point of battery.

I worked with Ale by empowering her, using the power of the now and holding her accountable for her part on their relationship and her children’s safety. She started being clearer to him on their needs as a family, and ended up leaving him with her children the next time he raised his hand.

Here is her testimonial: “I was living in an abusive relationship that was turning rapidly into habitual battery. By working with Angie I built up the empowerment for being able to leave my (now) ex-husband with my little children.” – Ale 35


Meet Bill,

When I met Bill, he was taking care of the love of his life and his high-school sweetheart who was suffering from a congenital disease. He had promised her to find love again before she died. He had never broken a promise, until then… She was taken into hospice and she finally passed away.

I helped Bill by cheering him and guiding him to find love again. I guided him to imprint meaning to his life with the other, several endeavors he had. Even if he was already retired, he loved writing, and a radio show he participates on a yearly basis in. In our time working together he wrote two more novels, started coaching students in his area of expertise and got his show to be cast for a major TV chain. I guided him through self-care, self-love and purpose techniques so he was ready to get up and love again. This was perhaps the closest coaching I had, as I worked with him almost every day to be sure he was eating, writing and going out with family or friends.

Here’s what Bill has to say:

“When my wife died, it almost killed me to.  We had been high school sweetheart and were married right out of college.  We knew she was dying because it had taken 2 other members of her family. I couldn’t talk to my kids because they were busy at work.  I spent 5 years as the sole caretaker of my wife. I spent every minute I could with her.  She was my first love and now she was gone.

The only one I could talk to was Angelica. I was surprised how much better I felt after talking to her.  She understood how much I was hurting and made me feel better. That was something that no one else could do.  It was also exactly what I needed.

We remained friends and I still talk to her about about my lack of love life. She is the most empathetic and warm woman I have ever known except for my wife. She gave me hope that I will find another woman to love. That made a huge difference in my life because I don’t want to live without love in my life.  I can’t begin to recommend her services enough.  She did that for me and do that for you as well.

Thank you Angelica.  You are a real angel”.


– Bill, 70

This is Julianne,

Julianne was experiencing burn-out and the beginning to experience a deep sadness that can come as a by-product of said burnout. She started the call, stating she wanted to close her practice.

This is what she had to say after her free Consultation:

“Angelica you are a blessing. You help so much. I have searched for many healers and no one has been able to help until now.   Thank you for the tools  I feel much better already. 

Love and Gratitude,”

– Julianne

*their names have been changed to keep confidentiality.

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