Angie’s Healing Oils

Most of my adult life, I have been into healing. Very early on, I developed a fascination for essential oils, to the point of trying to make my own. Yes, a massive fail on that one.

With time, I also learned the importance of the quality of the oils. DoTerra’s is leader on their market, with their oils being Therapeutic Grade. You can find out more in their own words, here.. CPTG Quality Testing.

The quality of their oils is so good that some can be ingested, rubbed on and used as aromatherapy for toddlers and some are powerful antioxidants and disinfectants.

I heard you. Whaaaat?

Just consider the amount of chemicals you have in your daily moisturizer, deodorant, etc… And you’re likely to change your mind. Using essential oils is a natural way to healing, and it is a powerful aid in running away from added toxins.

I joined DoTerra because of satisfied clients that are returning and recommending their products. To name a few… a friend of mine has a toddler that suffered form allergies unti… she started using DoTerra in her diffuser. Another friend, is a fan of Deep Blue, because it helped her eliminate her anxiety and sleep well. And then there is my own testimonial…. I started using On Guard (trademark oil from) as an energy protection tool. I soon found out about its other, and jumped into joining DoTerra, you can view my Wellness Advocate page here.

I quite literally, fell in love with it’s quality and properties. A couple of days after, I ordered Slim & Sassy and I’m also IN LOVE with the results this wonderful oil has rendered. I finally dropped 700 gr or 1.5 lbs, in one week, doing the exact same thing I’ve always done for a while. (This results are not typical, as I have an efficient exercise routine and follow an Alkaline and Ketogenic diet – but I was experiencing and unbreakable plateau.)

As I grow in love with this brand and its wonderful oils, I will be sharing my own testimonials on video. (Still need to record those).

As a network, mine is one designed to build a team, to build friendships and to grow while helping the world heal. I am here to help you succeed and heal. A lot like my coaching, my networking business is about going from #Burntout to #UnshakeableBalance are you ready to #RISE?

If you would like to learn more about joining DoTerra, please fell free to Contact Me, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Disclaimer: All oils quoted in this text are trademarked by DoTerra, along with their testing technique, testimonials were not recorded on video, and are not quoted properly, as they were my reason for joining DoTerra.