Our Demons inside – the power of words…

Hlello again!

I finally got the time to write. Or rather made and gave myself the time to write.

I’ve been reminded lately of the power of words. The power of our own words to ourselves.

So, let me ask.you… How.often do.you,

Cheer yourself up and clebrate your success. or

Do you reprimand yourself because you failed at something – or to prevent said failure. Like telling yourself – to yourself.

“What an idiot.”, “I am stupid for not finding, doing…”,”If I don’t win/achieve/succeed I’m a piece of sh*t”

You gotta #StepUp and stop that destructive self-talk. While speaking to yourself in that way might seem like striving for excellence, you are achieving quite the contary, my friend.

Speaking to yourself negatively diminishes your self-worth, fosters limiting beliefs, blocks abundance and can even depress your immune system and/or make you depressed.

This is one of the stressors we work on in depth when you work with me.

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Have a blessed weekend!

The Art of the 10thK Rep.

Hello Happy RISEnRAWR Babes!

Welcome to the Art of the 10th K Rep!

If you have been following me any, you have heard me say that, Consistent Determined Action is one of the largest keys to success. And I told you yesterday I wanted to share a secret with you. So, allow for me to elaborate in this one here…

If you don’t know me, I am a Strategic Intervention Coach devoted to help the world heal from stress so to experience balance and wellness instead in their Self, Love and Relationships and Business and Finance.

Just the other day, speaking to one of my children I was using Martial Arts as an example, as I am proud to share with you all, he is a Black Sash in Kung-Fu.

ME: How did you achieve the level of mastery you did? Was it an eight-hour training once a month, for three months?

Him: No!

ME: Exactly!

So here is the deal… Master any skill in life, you need 10k repetitions of the same thing. Improving it constantly, making it to a higher level or a higher challenge each time.

One. It is what you do consistently what matters most. 10 minutes a day of good cardio will go way further than any massive occasional training, however tough it might be.

Another part to achieve consistent action is to make it around something you love. Using the workout example again… It will be A LOT easier to practice something you love every day or regularly, than to drag yourself to do it. Of course, having sheer discipline is precious. I am in the busting stress and filling your life with pleasure, department thou.

And the determined part is to make it a goal that is filled with purpose, so you never lack drive, motivation, or focus.

So, all in all… whatever you want to master in life, start with these three and be ready to ROCK IT!

If what you want is stress free success and balance, do these three for the three key areas on your life: Self (Body, Mind, Soul) Love and Relationships, and Business and Finance.

I am fairly certain you have heard keep focus, motivated and busy and melt your stress away… Eh… I might disagree on that with you. Extreme business is a functional form of anxiety. Which is why, I work in threes. building mini-habits you love and that you can stack-up, always taking care of yourself first.

And one thing is certain, whichever area you pull to a higher level of success, will naturally pull the rest.

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Healing, A Process, A Story…


How many times have you heard… What’s holding you back?

The most common answer would be: FEAR and FEAR to the UNKNOWN.
Ah! When you have experienced emotional burn-out for any part of your life, you did a lot for others, for approval, to belong, or simply to avoid conflict and/or violence.

Then you work to change and start healing, and keep on working and healing… doors start opening. All of a sudden, you do not fear change… You seek it instead; you have mastered throwing yourself into the Abbyss in the hopes of a better life, held by faith, trust …

You lose some friends, you make new friends, all things toxic start magically disappearing from your  life. You want to control nothing, and to experience everything anew; now you are free to feel, you engross yourself in sensations, in expereinces, set better boundaries… can grasp your dreams.

You used to fear crying for the pain you had accumulated, it seemed that there was nothing that could stop you once you started. And one day, you cried and it was ok. It ended sooner than you thought.

Now you are braver and smarter and realize you have never felt the true flavor of success, of making your dreams come true… and still wonder if the feeling will overwhelm you, AND still have the courage to carry through!

Sound like something you’d like to experience?

This brief story is kind of a summary of my personal and professional experience in the path of Healing.

Now it’s your time to #HealUrEmotions2LIVE, #Live2Soar, come #RISEnRAWR!

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Have a lovely weekend!

Angie Weaver.

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Mirror, Mirror…

Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day everyone!

As much as I have missed going up live, I honestly can’t do that to me or to you… I still cough a lot almost every 3 words. The bright side, I’m already taking meds. 🙂  So, it is what it is, I guess.

Soo, Welcome to my Valentine’s Day special!

Today you will learn, that meeting your ideal partner is all within you! It’s starts by accepting and loving yourself unconditionally. Of becoming the person that raises their standard out of self-love. That’s it!

Talk to yourself with love, shush your inner critic, aim for the best, and take no less.

Just yesterday, I asked on my personal page. What would you say to your BFF to cheer them?

Now, take that answer, look in the mirror and say it to yourself!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Whole Enchilada (or taco recipe) and Dealing with Toxic Relationships.

Yes, relationships. It all boils to relationships (not the taco, thou.) 😉

Hello again!

I will be sharing the taco recipe today along with this post… Ingredients first.

Step One.


2 cups hydrated hibiscus flower

2 red tomatoes, diced

¼ white onion finely chopped

1 jalapeno or serrano chili pepper, finely diced

¼ cup coriander (cilantro)

½ teaspoon olive oil

1 jicama in very thin slices (these are your tortillas)

Salsa, and lime juice

As for the toxic relationship: a person exhibiting toxic behaviors and another person buying in them. PERIOD.

You might have noticed that on my other posts I stress three things: a behavior, someone buying in and an unhealthy dance or toxic relationship they have.

Again, it takes two to tango. Maybe because of my background as a humanistic counsellor, in Gestalt and on Robbinss-Madanes training I tend to focus on empowerment and the possibility of healing. I typically do not tag others and do not diagnose in my coaching or in my practice. That’s for Psychiatrists, and DSM V criteria. But I.Don’t.Do.That.

Step Two.

Break the pattern. Yes, you heard me well, break the pattern. And I will set forth three roads for you to choose from, because I believe what Tony says, a choice implies at least three options.

One. Leave the scene or the relationship. On the leave part you can do it either physically or emotionally. Be bolder and do both? I know some of these relationships might be family, so the emotional part (even the physical one) might be difficult and seem impossible.

Two. Learn to laugh at yourself and take things with humor. Chances are the offender might be caught off track and either stop in the turmoil come back with a vengeance. Still take it with humor, as you’ve been warned.

Three. Observe from love. Yes, you heard well, from love, specifically SELF-LOVE. Instead of understanding and making puzzles around THEIR behavior. Take a step back, pause and love yourself more. That’s the first step to be unhooked from it all.

Ah, the taco recipe:

How to make the tacos:

  1. Put the hibiscus to boil in water for 5 to 8 minutes at medium to high heat. (You can use the concentrated tea that comes from its boiling and keep it to prepare hibiscus water, a Mexican delicacy).
  2. Dice the hibiscus in fine chops.
  3. Rinse in tap water. If the hibiscus is still a bit stiff, set it to boil for another 5 to 8 minutes.
  4. In a hot pan, warm a bit of oil and cook for the tomato, the onion and the chili peppers for 5 minutes, if you don’t want for it to be a hot dish you can remove the seeds from the peppers or not add them at all.
  5. Add the diced hibiscus flower, the coriander and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Step Three

Take steps forward to get out of the toxic relationships and you will see your life improve.

You will notice an increase of happiness, energy and positivity in your life. Sooo… #StepUp

It’s your time to #RISE to #RAWR and #Live2Soar.

See? Now you can enjoy better relations hips, AND healthier tacos!!!

Oh, oh, serve the hibiscus in the jicama and enjoy your tacos. You can add salsa, the lime juice or go bold and add guacamole!

Have an awesome weekend!


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Recipe was translated from: https://www.pizcadesabor.com/tacos-de-jamaica-la-mexicana/

“I believe in harmony, the way some people believe in fairy tales… All you have to do is LISTEN.”

The title of this article is based upon this quote:

“I believe in music, the way some people believe in fairy tales… All you have to do is LISTEN.” – August Rush.

I have a wide number of favorite movies, but perhaps among the most influential  in my life was this, August Rush. Long story short, I am VERY sensitive to music and harmony.

So, let’s play with that quote for a bit and change music for harmony or balance. For your life, for your relationships, in your body and even for your business.. Allow for me to elaborate a bit.

“A system operates to serve or heal its weakest link.” So  to prevent that, organize and prioritize so you cater to your largest drivers and/or most necessary relationships first. Yes, even relationships within your body.

So going a little deeper and focusing solely on one’s self. Do you hear chatter all day long about things that are beyond your control to fix? Well, silence those and focus on what you CAN fix! Listen to your body after you eat something – do you feel bloated? Lacking energy? So, perhaps that specific food (or amount) does not suit you. How do you feel after you exercise? More energized or totally depleted?

Can you see where I am headed? One of the keys to leading a balanced life and achieving all of your dreams or the dreams in the key areas of your life, is Listening to your own body.

Leading a harmonious life from within will naturally reflect on healthier and more nurturing relationships with yourself by being able to transcend negative patterns, thoughts and emotions; and consequently with others.

Leading a more harmonious life while listening to your body will translate in feeling more energized, becoming more efficient and having more time to do what counts!

Leading a more harmonious life while listening to Spirit, God, or your inner self will naturally have you at peace, more focused, more able to deal with problems and stressful situations more wisely…

However, that kind of listening goes above and beyond active listening (which involves all your senses). I will call this kind of listening, observant listening which allows for you to recognize patterns, “side effects” (like for example when you get bloated or not), and find leverage on those things or activities that will nurture you to grow.

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Reach-out Before you Burn-out! Seriously!!!

Emotional Burnout for Coaches, Healers and Leaders.


In licensed practices like Counseling and Therapy, we typically have groups called “Supervision” for each area of specialty we take or enroll in.  Yes, these are there to perfect your technique or methodology in your area of specialty; but above and beyond that, is the emotional support that you get as your client sits in front of you with a problem (that more typically than not) resounds to you (the Coach) personally and in a rather deep level.

Not familiar? No worries!

  • Have you ever noticed that your clients or reports mysteriously come from a similar block, limiting belief or emotion you’ve been dealing with (even if unnoticed until now)?
  • Have you ever noticed how somehow their story resounds to yours?


  • How some of their emotions seem to cling to us as their coach, guide or leader?

Well, if your answer to any of these questions is yes, don’t worry! You are not alone!

And this might be causing you to burn-out from your work too!


Well, that is what I mean when I say I miss these “Supervision” sessions. So, in my will to serve and help others heal from within, I extend my hand to you, fellow coaches, leaders, and healers.

We can work with the emotional baggage you either pick-up from your clients or reports, or that which is reflected to you (and has NOT been dealt with for long).

What I offer…

Healing! As my mission is to help the world heal! Through some diet tips, meditation, coaching and some energy healing (Reiki).

This is a very special birthday offer… (as my Birthday is a little less than a month away)!

This package is for four Reach-out before you Burn Out Sessions.  

One time investment: $ 355.5 USD

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See you on the event!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

The Burning Question of Burnout

The World Health Organization has recently classified burnout 🚬 as an occupational phenomenon.. and you can check their article here: ==>> https://cbsn.ws/2MiOiSJ

🤔 Then… why do Business Owners (specifically the online ones) – Yes, I am thinking of #coaches, #solopreneurs and #topmanagers ✒️design or accept impossible schedules 📝 in which they (quite literally) hardly have (or give) themselves time to breathe?

Wasn’t the idea to have quality of life?
If you’re teaching high-performance 🏋️‍♂️, Why oh,WHY?! are you neglecting yourself 🧘‍♀️? your loved ones? your health🏋️‍♂️? your 💑 relationships? YOUR LIFE 🚣‍♂️🎭🎨 ?!

I know a lot think burnout 🚬 is an 🙊, so let me ask you this 🔥 …
How many other yous do YOU have?

I have only one. And that one is the one that lives my life, loves my people, changes the world 🌎 through my 👩‍🏫coaching, this one me is also the mom to my children, wife to the love of my life 💑 🥰🥰😍, daughter, sister, friend…

Do you follow? Can you relate? If so, what are you willing to do about it? When?
Orr.. What kind of memories 🏄‍♂️🎭🥁 do you want to have🎨🎷🏊‍♂️? With whom 💑🏇🏌️‍♂️?

Shhh Angie, shhh. 🙊 People do not want to hear 🙉 this… they’ll go… Grrrrr 🙈🤬

Well, it is what it is, my dear.

I hope this post helped you be more aware ☀️ of what you’re doing to yourself and your loved ones 😱 to favor your success,🦹‍♂️ your work  or your position only.

Now, are you willing to 🎯 make time for the three most important spheres 🧘‍♀️ 💑 of your #wellness 🙏 NOW? Or will you still be heading to your doom and have to make time for your #illness instead?

Hey! Breathe!

I have some good news for you! 🙋‍♀️ I can help you turn burnout 🚬 into #balance, a work-oriented life into one #fueledbypurpose 🎯

Find how to make work-life balance possible and jump on a call with me. We can explore options on how I can help you #Balance2Soar and still #HealNGrow.
Let’s talk! I am positive I can help you soar! 💥 BOOM!
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🔥 Will you keep waiting🤭? Or Are You Ready Live Your Dreams 🥳🤩?
My name is Angelica Weaver from AF Infinity and I’m here to help you enjoy this ride we call life!

#RISEnRAWR #HealFromWithin #Live2Soar